Gloucester based Personal trainer and Sports massage Therapist.

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Personal Training

Personal training can dramatically change you, your body shape, lifestyle and overall levels of health and fitness. Whether you are looking for:

  • Weight Loss
  • Fat / Inch Loss
  • Pre or Post Pregnancy programme
  • Increase Muscle Mass (Size)
  • Increase Strength / Endurance
  • Tone Up
  • Improve overall fitness
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Sports specific training

Or of course “All of the above”

Personal training, with my implementation of an effective programme and achievable routine can help you accomplish these goals. Programmes and sessions are designed to make exercise enjoyable and therefore adhered to.

What to expect when you hire a personal trainer.

Initial consultation includes:

  • Health and Medical forms (Questionnaire)
  • General Fitness tests
  • Goal setting (Short term and Long term)

*Don’t be put off by the “General Fitness tests”.

These are standard tests of which enable me to gauge your current level of fitness. This in turn helps me to tailor a programme best suited to your ability, Strengths, weaknesses and most of all GOALS.

Training sessions:

Sessions usually last for between 45 – 60 minutes. This will include a warm up, Main Session and cool down / stretches. Each session is tailored to your individual needs. These sessions will be fun, motivating, functional, probably hard work but certainly worth it.




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NikkiAfter years of suffering with my back I decided to bite the bullet and book in with Leanne. Admittedly the treatment / massage was pretty intense but did wonders for my condition. I would recommend Leanne and what she does to anyone in pain. I am now converted and with regular massage am in better condition than I have ever been.