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Sports Massage

Complementary Medical Association accredited

The main  purpose of Sports massage is to relive minor injuries to the body. The massage is preformed by working directly on the tight muscle or area around the muscle to relive the built up tension.

The ache or pain experienced within the body usually comes from one or more muscle(s) group(s) becoming tight, over stretched or overloaded. This can be caused by sports, exercise or everyday life.

Massage can correct (or help correct) these aches, pains and stresses, thus allowing the body to function more efficiently.

Benefits of Sports Massage

  • Massage can aid in Fat Loss
  • Improve muscle range of Motion and Flexibility
  • Reduce muscle soreness during recovery periods and speed up muscle repair
  • Reduce chance of injury
  • Improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Increase oxygen rich blood transportation around the body
  • Improve the body’s ability to eliminate toxins and metabolic waste more efficiently
  • Massage can also have a positive effect on helping you build muscle.

As you can see, Sports massage is extremely beneficial to anyone.

This can range from the untrained individual up to elite athletes, from people that sit at a desk in the office all day long to people in physically demanding jobs.

I currently carry out Sports Massage from my clinic at home in Gloucester.

I have recently also taken on the expertise of my sister who is a trained therapist and provides treatments along side myself.


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NikkiAfter years of suffering with my back I decided to bite the bullet and book in with Leanne. Admittedly the treatment / massage was pretty intense but did wonders for my condition. I would recommend Leanne and what she does to anyone in pain. I am now converted and with regular massage am in better condition than I have ever been.